GP Obstetric Shared Care SA

Women planning to attend a South Australian public hospital for childbirth have the option of GP Obstetric Shared Care if they meet the designated criteria. In this model, the General Practitioner provides most of the antenatal and postnatal care, while the public hospital staff provide the inpatient and some outpatient obstetric care.

Women opting for GP obstetric shared care must be referred to the participating hospital for consultation before 20 weeks gestation.

GP partners Australia administers the GP Obstetric Shared Care Program under contract with SA Health. The major obligations under this contract include Clinical Governance, Accreditation and training of GPs, promotion to consumers and health professionals, maintenance of a GP Accreditation register, Program evaluation and associated administrative activities.

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GP Obstetric Shared Care Protocols

 The GP OSC SA Protocols outline the framework for the provision of Obstetric Shared Care in South Australia. The protocols are updated every 2 years.

The clinical practices outlined in the Protocols have been developed in accordance with the SA Perinatal Practice Guidelines (SA PPG), which provide perinatal care providers with evidence-based standards to support clinical practice. The SA PPG’s are accessible on the web at

The GP OSC SA Protocols also discuss the Medical Indemnity requirements for GPs accredited in the Program.

GP Obstetric Shared Care Protocols

Becoming an Accredited Obstetric Shared Care GP

All GPs undertaking obstetric shared care in South Australia are required to meet the accreditation requirements of the GP OSC (SA) Program and be familiar with both the program protocols and the policies of the participating hospital.

Approval for full accreditation is subject to both:

  • Satisfactory obstetric experience, and
  • Completion of an Accreditation Seminar as a RACGP Category 1 event.

Full accreditation with the GP OSC SA will not be approved until the applicant has attended an accreditation seminar and completed the associated knowledge questionnaire satisfactorily.

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Ongoing Accreditation

The ongoing accreditation of GPs for the GP OSC SA Program is managed within a 3-year accreditation cycle, which is conducted in parallel with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) triennium as defined by the RACGP and ACRRM. These points will be recorded on the OSC Registry managed by GP partners Adelaide.

To maintain accreditation a GP must demonstrate over the 3 year period that they have engaged in CPD activities equivalent to a minimum of 12 CPD points specific to Obstetric Shared Care.

Assessment of activities will be a role and function of the GP OSC SA Advisors and will be allocated, where relevant, as 2 points per hour in line with the RACGP QA&CPD Program. The same 2 points per hour allocation will apply for ACRRM members.

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SA Pregnancy Record

The South Australian Pregnancy Record is available free of charge to all public and private antenatal providers in South Australia.  SAPR, Version 7, January 2015 is the current version.  When sites receive the new SAPRs the ‘expired’ SAPRs should not be used, but instead returned to:

Medical Record Advisory Unit
PO Box 287
Rundle Mall

To order the South Australian Pregnancy Record contact:

SA Health Distribution Centre
Telephone: (08) 8425 9204
Fax: (08) 8124 4655

Or complete the Medical Forms Order